We secretly like to shake things up a bit. To prick and poke. Because one who is stirred, is touched. Or challenged.

A perfect example is Artist David Cerney. When you’re in Prague, you will likely come to know the work of this artist. Whilst studying at the Academy of Arts he painted a tank pink and placed a papier-mâché middle finger on it. This wasn’t very much appreciated, and because the tank was a war monument, he was arrested for vandalism. The tank was then restored to its original state, however progressive members of Parliament painted it pink again later. Around 30 kilometers from Prague you can still see this tank; it’s placed at the entrance of the Military Museum, Lešany.

He is also responsible for an 11-metre high art piece – the head of world-famous Czech writer Kafka, made with revolving discs. When these discs fall into place, the head can be seen as a work of art.

Then there are the peeing men in the courtyard of the Franz Kafka Museum. He called this creation ‘Piss’. The two mechanical figures are urinating on a map of the Czech Republic. The meaning of the artwork is very apparent. If you wish to have some text ‘peed’ for yourself, that’s possible. You can post your personal message which the men then spell out for you in ‘pee’.

Our favourite is ‘Babies’. These metre-high black babies crawl around with punched-in, barcode-like faces. Big, black, impressive, sweet and yet distant. The French Philosopher Bernard Stiegler once said “We have to live in an environmentally friendly way, emit less CO2 and use less water. This is only possible through sublimation. By this I mean that we have to get rid of the urges that are aimed at immediate gratification: buying and consuming. Promote desires instead of urges”.